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Guided Only Hunts

On our guided only hunts we will provide guide service, field transportation to and from the hunt area, and field lunch and soft drinks during the hunt. Field retrieval, preparation of meat and trophies for processing and/or bird cleaning is included. Hunters will be responsible for travel to the primary hunt area, meals, lodging/camping arrangements and providing weapons, ammunition and personal gear. With the exception of the bird hunts these are normally based on 2 on 1 guiding  1 on 1 can be arranged for an extra fee depending on the type of hunt. 

**We also offer two day minimally guided hunts at a reduced cost for the do it yourself hunters or those on a tight budget, after two days you may hunt on your own. These will require the use of the hunters vehicle and do not include field care.***

New Mexico Draw Hunts

Draw hunts have to be applied for through the state of New Mexico before the application deadline. Applying with a licensed outfitter in the 10% outfitter pool can significantly increase your odds of drawing a tag.  Outfitters are required to have a signed contract before they can apply clients into the state draw and applicants who receive a license by using a registered outfitter's number are required by state law to hunt with that outfitter. You will need to provide a valid credit card to Brugman Outfitting for us to submit your application online. New Mexico Department of Game & Fish (NMDGF) will bill your credit card for the full amount of the license and fees, including a non refundable application fee, at the time your application is processed. If you are successful in the draw you will be able to print your license from your NM game and fish account.If you are unsuccessful in the draw NMDGF will credit your card for the license fees the application fee will not be refunded.

Quality Draw Hunts

License fees are higher for hunts designated as quality hunts by the State Game Commission. The intent is to provide increased opportunity for successful harvest, harvest from a wider selection of mature deer or elk, or a more enjoyable less crowded hunting experience.


Fully-Outfitted Hunts

For hunts booked as  fully outfitted hunts. Brugman Outfitting Service will provide guide service, meals and lodging/camping arrangements, and field transportation from the primary hunt area. Field retrieval, preparation of meat and trophies for processing  ( processing and taxidermy at hunters expense) and bird cleaning is included. Hunter will be responsible for travel to the primary hunt area and providing weapons, ammunition and personal gear. Fully outfitted hunts can be priced with 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 guiding .

NMDGF Quota System

NMDGF allocates 10% of public land draw tags for elk, deer, antelope Oryx , Ibex and Barbary sheep to applicants who choose to hunt with outfitters. this can significantly increase chances for success in the draw, in some cases to nearly 100%. especially for Mule Deer , Antelope and Barbary Sheep 


Youth Only Hunts

New Mexico offers special youth hunts. To qualify, hunters must be younger than 18 years of age on the beginning date of the hunt and have successfully completed a hunter education course and have a valid card to apply. Please contact Brugman Outfitting or refer to NMDGF regulations for details.


Private Landowner Hunts

If you are unsuccessful in the draw Private Landowner Authorizations can be purchased for Elk and Antelope.Private Landowner Authorizations are subject to availability and there will be additional charges to cover the amount paid to the landowner. These charges are in addition to the NMDGF license and fees and the outfitter fee. We also offer private land hunts for Mule deer and we sometimes have openings for private land Aoudad/ Barbary sheep. All of the private land hunts and tags are sold on a 1st come 1st serve basis and are reserved with a 50% deposit . We do take deposits on private land hunts prior to the draw and then also apply you in the draw if you are successful drawing we will resell your tag, this is a way to ensure you will hunt regardless of the draw. 


Mobility-Impaired Hunts
Crossbow waivers

New Mexico offers special hunts for hunters with one or more permanent mobility type disabilities. To qualify, hunters must submit a certified doctor's letter to NMDGF and obtain a Mobility-Impaired ID before applying for hunts. Hunters can also get a case by case one time waiver to use a crossbow during the regular archery season . Please contact Brugman Outfitting  for assistance in obtaining mobility id cards or crossbow waivers or refer to NMDGF regulations for details.


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